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You are your brand - and your secret weapon

You had the Brand Power All Along My Dear, You Just Had to See that Yourself

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Here’s secret successful marketers know - customers don’t buy a product.
They buy YOU. Y-O-U. You.
So you know all that self-doubt and lack of confidence around no one worrying about what people think of you?
That my dear, is exactly part of why your tribe is looking for you!!!
Your personality.
Your experience.
Your values.
You insecurities.
The unique qualities only only you possess.
Because your Tribe are looking for real people like them or who the would like to become.
Many people confuse “branding” with a corporate-looking logo, pretty colours and a slick catalogue.
Perhaps it was like this once, but in today’s online marketplace, the real value is not in appearing to be a big fancy company, but rather in just being you – authentic you.
And your personality can shine through in a variety of ways.
Your Authentic Voice
How you speak and write, even how you act on camera or in a podcast interview has the power to instantly identify you to your audience.
You can see this in action if you scroll through your Facebook feed.
It’s easy to know who posted a particular photo or status update, just by recognising the “voice” or tone with which they generally speak.
Here’s an even more important aspect of your “voice” though: it has the power to attract a specific audience.
You may have noticed in recent years that a few high-profile coaches have become celebrities of a sort, largely because of their straight out swearing.
Ash Ambirge swears like a trooper and makes no apologies for it.
Her fans love her for it. And those that don’t? Well, as she says right on her home page, her site and services are “not for humorless bores.”
Snarkiness and foul language is not the only way to go, though.
Carrie Wilkerson has built her brand almost entirely on her ability to be kind and generous. She always has a nice word, never appears defeated or overwhelmed, and is an inspiration to her fans and clients.
While very different in their approach, these two women have one thing in common: authenticity. It’s clear that if you were to meet either of them in person, they would speak and act exactly as they do online. And their brands are stronger for it.
Your Story
How did you get to where you are today?
Your backstory - which might seem boring to you – but to others, it’s a powerful tool that can help solidify your brand and attract your tribe.
My story is about a struggling, widowed young single mom, trapped in a job that I hated, who eventually escaped and found freedom by creating a successful online business that I adore.
In the process,I've overcome so many obstacles in my life – bulimia, anxiety, depression, life-threatening Legionnaires Disease, identity theft that left me in a $100k of debt….
But I have never given up.
And let me tell you, there are many times when I wish I had...
Yep,I was ready to throw the towel in a number of times. Not just throw in...I am talking BURY the towel. Permanently.
But I didn't. And thank goodness for that.
And today, I now live my life on my terms, and I won’t settle for less ever again!
Kelly McCausey speaks often of how she got started online when she was looking for a way to earn just a few extra dollars every month to keep the lights on.
Creating graphics at $5 each quickly turned into a full-time online career.
Your story doesn’t have to be dramatic, and you certainly don’t have to share more than you’re comfortable with, but it does have to be yours.
Be your true self, speak your truth and share your values, and you’ll never have to worry about attracting the right audience.
They will self-select, and your perfect, soulmate clients will find you.
And those who don't? Who gives a $%$&.
They aren't your people. And they never were... (and that's more than ok)
Love and abundance
P.S. I adore P!nk - to me, she's a real woman of substance and I am definitely one of her loyal Tribe
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