Accelerating million dollar+ businesses in 90 days to greater profits, higher performance & engaged teams


We help trailblazing leaders build their businesses, teams, legacy, and wealth;  become outstanding leaders; and execute on their strategy consistently - to transform their businesses and teams into well-oiled, easy-to-run machines that achieve results consistently and scale with ease.

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Leverage AI to Supercharge Your Business for Unmatched Competitive Advantage


This game-changing masterclass, hosted by Forbes Coach, Angela Sedran isn't just another boring class that with a lot of talk that teaches you nothing - it's your ultimate toolkit for unparalleled growth and productivity.

Just a sneak peek of what we'll cover: Imagine crafting a month's worth of engaging newsletters in just 5 minutes or revolutionising your email marketing campaigns.

We'll dive into actionable strategies for smarter hiring, more effective marketing, and even dynamic business strategy enhancements that set you streets ahead of your competition.

You'll leave not just with the 'why' behind AI, but armed with downloadable worksheets and your very own AI prompt toolkit so you can hit the ground running.

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Our clients embody the spirit of disruptive innovation, unparalleled ambition, and athletic resilience. We work with game-changing entrepreneurs and visionary leaders committed to building not just businesses, but legacies.

These are individuals unafraid to roll up their sleeves, invest the hours, and play at a level most only dare to dream of.

Yet, they understand that monumental success doesn't materialise in a vacuum - it necessitates expert guidance, strategic finesse, and a community of like-minded titans.

If you're prepared to show up, dig deep, and play big, you're in exceptional company.

Welcome to the league of extraordinary leadership.


Ready for your business to TAKE OFF in 90 days and...?

  • Work smarter not harder?
  • Transform your business into one that serves you instead of runs your life?
  • Turn your business into a lucrative asset that can function without you instead of just a job?
  • Scale your business with a clear vision, strategy, and roadmap to consistent success?
  • Learn how to manage your people with ease, even the difficult personalities?
  • Know that you have someone to talk to and work things out when the going gets tough?
  • Feel deeply supported because you know you have someone who has your back?
  • Banish the overwhelm and get more precious time, confidence, money and peace-of-mind?
  • Scale 5x and manage growth with ease?
  • Surround yourself with  a support system that spurs you on to be the best you can be?
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How We Can Help You Scale & Manage Your Business Profitably

Gain Clarity, Focus and Faster Results with a Strategy & Implementation System and Support
Get the Most Out of you People and Build their Capability with Engagement & Accountability
Take Full Control of your Business with Better Productivity & Performance
Grow your Impact and Build your Executive Presence with Leadership & Mindset Coaching
Become an Authority in your Niche and Be to Go-To Person in your Industry
Turn your Knowledge into a Passive Income Stream with Course Creation
Our Services

3 Ways We Can Work Together

Managing and scaling a successful business is an art.  Let us show you how to master it.

Group Coaching, Mentoring & Training Programs

Accelerate your performance and business by leveraging the wisdom of your peers as you work together in a group environment supported by weekly training, coaching and mentoring with our half day, full day, multi-day programs or retreats.

1:1 Mentoring, Coaching & Consulting

Discover the secret weapon the world’s top entrepreneurs and executives use to stay focused and successful 

Discover why having your own mentor, coach and consultant at your fingertips is the no.1 thing the top business people do to stay focused, on top of their game and successful.

Keynote Speaking

Inspire your teams to lead with confidence, integrity and resilience with my engaging and inspiring keynotes.

A passionate women's wealth advocate, I speak about resilience, women in leadership, women in business and leadership.

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Transformative Business Architect, Executive Alchemist, Leadership Visionary:  Meet Angela Sedran


With over 15 years of strategic advisory under her belt, Angela Sedran isn't just a business coach; she's a catalyst for radical transformation. Guiding businesses into the top 2% of national revenues, Angela's exceptional portfolio is a testament to her mastery in scaling ventures into multi-million-dollar enterprises. However, her clients will tell you it's about more than money; it's about morphing into the authentic leaders they were destined to be.

As a seasoned Executive Coach, esteemed member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, and an accredited professional by both the International Coaching Federation and the International Association of Coaching, Angela combines cutting-edge strategy with deep-rooted wisdom. Whether you're preparing to sell for tens of millions or looking to skyrocket your revenue, she knows how to position you uniquely in the marketplace.

Angela teaches her clients to lead with purpose, tapping into their innate abilities to not just operate but optimise their businesses. She empowers leaders to seize unseen opportunities, pre-empt challenges, and create an invincible competitive advantage for sustainable growth. Her mantra is not just about growing businesses; it's about scaling them with finesse, elegance, and the certitude that you're both skillfully equipped and profoundly supported.

Unlock your next level of greatness with Angela Sedran. Your journey towards transformational leadership and remarkable business success starts here.

More About Us

What to Expect When Working with Us

Teresa Aprile


"Working with Angela has been one of the best decisions I ever made. She helped me develop the mindset, tools and focus to take my business to a whole new level. When I started working with Angela, I was burnt out and was losing focus. Within weeks of working with her, I could already tell the difference in myself and my executive team. Angela gave me and my team the tools to refocus our efforts and energy. We’ve gone on to sell the business and become part of a very successful multinational and Angela was an incredible support and anchor throughout this process."

Michelle McVittie


"Working with Angela has been a dream. She is so knowledgeable and compassionate. She is my teacher, coach and cheerleader. Was so stuck with how to move forward, how to make it happen and she made it all manageable. With her guidance, I can see how to scale my business and she helped me with every detail."

Elsbeth Price


"I took my business to the next level with grace, poise and ease. Angela's coaching works, especially if you want more confidence, clarity and clients! She has really helped me to become the leader and businesswoman I was meant to be."

Suzette Louw


"Thank you Angela Sedran! Love the way you deliver, love your authenticity and talking straight and your knowledge, the effort and energy you put into everything you do. Just love working with you!"

Margaret Takyi-Micah


"I am so grateful to you.  I have gotten so much value from you than I ever thought possible.  You've challenged me to grow and take my business to a completely different level of income with multiple income streams.  

You genuinely like to see your clients succeed.  You look at the big picture and look at what works for each client.  So, you don't just teach the theory, you work with your client to make sure it works for her environment.  It's not a cookie cutter approach, it's tailored to the client's needs and environment."

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