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50% of businesses fail in their first five years.


My role is to help you become a success, not a statistic.


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Our clients are game-changing entrepreneurs and leaders of 7-figure plus businesses committed to building not just a business, but a legacy.


They're unafraid to roll up their sleeves, invest the hours, and play at a level most just dream of.

They understand that success doesn't happen in a vacuum - it needs expert guidance and a community of like-minded go-getters.

If you're prepared to show up, dig deep, and play big, you're in exceptional company.

Welcome to the league of outstanding leaders.

Is Your Business Really On Track? Let's Find Out Together

How’s Your Customer Conversion Doing?

Are you maximizing your potential to turn prospects into loyal fans, or are you missing out on valuable opportunities? Let's ensure you're making the most of every chance.


What’s the ROI for Each Team Member?

Do you truly know who your star players are? Everyone must be adding value. Are they?


Understanding Costs vs. Lifetime Value: Making Sense of the Math

Is your spending on acquiring customers really paying off over time? Sometimes, it feels like we're just throwing money into the wind. Let's fix that.


Strategic or Reactive: Where’s Your Time Going?

Are you leading the charge with your vision, or does it feel like you're always a step behind? We need to get you back in the driver's seat.


Got a Plan If You Step Away?

If you took a well-deserved break, would your business keep running smoothly or start to stumble? Let’s plan for success, with or without your constant presence.

Feeling a bit uneasy with any of these questions? That's where I come in. With my expertise, I can help you turn those unsure answers into a clear, strategic roadmap that ensures your business thrives—on autopilot.

Let’s chat and make your business robust, resilient, and ready for anything.

3 Ways We Can Work Together

 My proven frameworks have created extraordinary stories for 7 figure plus clients  


One of my favourite success stories is a business that wanted to sell within 5 years and sold within 2 using our Scorecard package and retained monthly services. As a result, they gave their staff of nine $40,000 bonuses for two years. 

Another client was overwhelmed by a multimillion-dollar business stuck in the weeds and wanted to sell.  She used our Scorecard system and retained services. She could extract herself from the day-to-day, which empowered her to step up and become accountable for the growth she wanted, resulting in a multi-million dollar sale to a US company.

The Half Day Business Health Diagnostic


  • 4 hours of focussed coaching
  • Initial Onboarding Call (1 Hour): We'll dive deep into your business's current state and identify key areas for improvement.
  • Interactive Workshopping Session (2 Hours): Collaborate on crafting specific, actionable strategies to transform your business.
  • Walk away with tangible outcomes: ready-to-implement actions so that you can begin seeing real results immediately after our session.
  • Set your business on a course for autonomous operation and free yourself from daily tasks and focus on growth.
  • $1,999 + GST

The Growth Scorecard Package


  • Designed to improve your business's growth by creating laser focus and empowering teams to become accountable to the bottom line.
  • Our 3-step framework -  assess, articulate, and amplify - will get your business focussed, improve efficiency and results, save you time, excite your team, and hold them accountable to achieving results. 
  • Perfect to reset your business for the next 12 months with a Balanced Scorecard that becomes your team's North Star with KPIs that can be cascaded down to their individual personal development plans.
  • $8,999 + GST

Retain me as your Virtual COO


  • Straight-Up Strategy Execution: Let’s not just talk the talk. We'll ensure your business plans jump off the page and into real life, executing your Scorecard strategy with precision.
  • Hassle-Free Team Leadership: Say goodbye to the daily grind of managing people. We’ll handle the team dynamics, ensuring everyone is on board and moving in the right direction towards your business goals.
  • Empower Growth with Accountability: Watch your team transform as they step up to the plate. Together, we'll foster a culture where everyone feels responsible for driving the business forward, paving the way for real growth and success.

Hi, I'm Angela. Growing up in the twilight of apartheid South Africa, I was the only child in a house filled with love, and a bit of chaos, thanks to my Oma, nonna, and our 10 rescue dogs.


My dad, ever the perfectionist, had me on my first diet at 9, marking the start of a long battle with self-esteem and bulimia.Despite this, I was the peacekeeper and tutor among my friends, unknowingly laying the groundwork for my future as a master facilitator and mentor.

Dreams of becoming an architect or vet took a backseat to practicality, leading me down the path of accounting on dad's advice.Life threw its curveballs, including becoming a young widow and single mom, pushing my dreams further away.

The frightening violence escalating around us spurred a move to Australia, a safe haven for my son and I.

With grit and determination, I pursued an MBA, balancing motherhood and studies, especially when faced with my son's hearing challenges.

My career took me from negotiating a JV with India's largest property developer to being a strategy director for one of the world's largest legal publishing firms. 


Moving into consulting, helping businesses like BHP, Tip Top and Lion implement management systems that engaged their people and delivered results.

When scammers maxed out my credit cards to the tune of $100k. The FBI, the Met and the Australian Police all told me to give up. Instead, I hunted the Israeli scammer down online - all by myself.

I got all my money back (including interest) and secured a retrenchment. Never happier, I went to work for the best boss in the world – me!

That fight reignited my passion for helping others to achieve financial freedom.

Today, I empower small to medium business owners to scale for “sale” with my proven Scorecard System. This system gives business leaders the systems and leadership skills to scale with the support of their teams. Getting people on board for your BIG goals can be hard, and I act as your wingwoman during this process. 

Think of me as the trusted engineer in the ear of a Formula 1 driver but for your business. I’m here to guide you through every twist and turn, offering strategy and support, so you stay ahead of the curve.

My journey has been about overcoming, adapting, and thriving, not just for me but for those I aim to lift up along the way.

I stand for kindness, freedom, and respect, and I'm here to change the game, one leader at a time.

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