90 days to a thriving, profitable business with more confidence, clarity and clients!

Give me 90 days. I'll take you from exhausted, overwhelmed and fed up with your business, to stepping into your divine purpose and confidently leading and growing your digital empire... so you can live the life of abundance you were destined for! 



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If you want to have an empire divine girl, you’re going to have to show up, stand up, and speak up like never before. You are going to have to become the leader you are destined to be.


I know that your soul wants freedom - and not just on the weekends. 

We're talking the freedom to live your life on your terms.

I hear you girl!

You are done with the little grey corporate hotdesk and the daily 9 to 5 grind for a miserable pay check and a glass ceiling that's designed to ensure that you will never be a flourishing, wealthy woman.

To do that, you need a mentor who'll guide you, cares for you, and isn't afraid to tell you what you need to hear.

I’m here to guide ambitious, visionary women like you to conscious wealth, without losing yourself, your sanity or your soul in the process.

That's why they call me the Freedom Queen.

As a single mother, my high end corporate job came with a pair of golden handcuffs...

I was depressed, burnt out and frustrated with male bosses who told me I needed to be less me because "no one takes a vivacious woman seriously"...

My clients loved me.  Go figure.

My soul was dying and I was miserable.

That all changed when I took the leap and started my own business coaching women what I used to teach C-level executives about growing businesses, leading with impact and making money.

It's now your time to claim your rightful place in this world!

It's time for women like you to step out of the shadows and start LEADING!

You've got the smarts - we have the strategy and the leadership experience.

If you found your way here, it means you are ready for a massive shift.


Are you ready for your business to TAKE OFF in 90 days?  Are you ready to...

  • Step into your divine, fierce, unstoppable feminine power?
  • Free yourself from corporate slavery and a toxic work environment?
  • Turn your side hustle into a profitable business and quit the corporate hustle?
  • Work on your own terms?
  • Grow your service-based empire with a clear vision, strategy, and roadmap to sustainable success?
  • Ditch scarcity and playing small with an empire and abundance?
  • Claim your place in a $350 billion dollar industry?
  • Make a global impact?
  • Connect with like-minded entrepreneurs who get you and support you?
  • Embrace the freedom to express yourself - and be paid for it?
  • Work smarter not harder?
  • Banish the overwhelm and get more time, money, peace-of-mind, wellness and precious time to do whatever you want, when you want!?
  • Revolutionize the way you make money?
  • Lead and leverage your unique gifts with a business that makes your soul sing and your cash register ring… to the tune of 7 figures and beyond?
  • Retire your partner, travel the world, profit from your passion, and spend more time with the people you love… all because you’re earning more, and working less… and
  • Live your life on your terms?
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As an entrepreneur and leader, your life needs to be a healthy, balanced system that encompasses your financial, spiritual, emotional, and physical wellbeing.  


Being a successful entrepreneur means that you are thriving across all these aspects, which is why my coaching focusses on all of these.

Coaching someone on just one aspect whilst ignoring the others is like trying to build a one-legged stool!

No matter where you're at your entrepreneurial journey, with over 25 years of consulting, coaching and senior management experience, I have the resources for building, running, and scaling your digital service business into an empire and help you to thrive in the process.

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Areas where we can help you grow your business profitably

Course Creation

Virtual Events

Outsourcing & Team Building

Marketing & Automation

Female Entrepreneurship 


Online Business Planning 

Self-care for Female Entrepreneurs

Productivity & Performance

Facebook Advertising

Social Media Marketing

Email Marketing 


Leadership, Mindset & Confidence

Hi.  I'm Angela Sedran,

A million dollar business strategist, marketing maven and kickass coach on a mission to help ambitious, visionary women to step into their power, harness their passion and build business empires they love. 

As a single mom, I know the challenges women face financially - and the pressure to earn the income to care for your kids, whilst at the same time sacrificing our souls, wellbeing and sanity.  

You’re here for more than being stuck in the corporate grind, working like a maniac to just get by.

You’re here to change the world, build your empire, and share your message like never before. I get that.

You want to make money—preferably in private yacht, first-class travel, solid gold dental filling proportions—in the smartest and most fulfilling way possible.

I see you.

And I’m here to help your business grow quickly with the systems, strategy, and deep support needed to scale with significance, soul, and sanity.

My vision is to help one million women globally to achieve financial freedom by 2030 - because every woman deserves to live a life she loves on her terms. #millionwomenby2030

Angela Sedran
More About Me

Join the #millionwomenby2030 movement by taking a stand and get REAL traction in your business

How I Can Help You...

1:1 Coaching

Work with me on a dedicated 1:1 high-touch basis to gain clarity on what your business goals should be, keep you accountable to your goals and drive better results faster than you ever thought possible..

Booked-Out Boss Babe Program

The 6-month immersion to say goodbye to scarcity, overwhelm and stress as you build your global following, book clients like a boss, launch your course, and become an empowered, sovereign leader.

Virtual Retreats

Join one of my day-long intensive group coaching experiences to reboot your business planning.   Create clear goals and a business roadmap for the next 90 days and connect with likeminded business queens!

Book a clarity call with me and I'll help you choose the right next move

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What to Expect From Working with Me

Andrea Langham

"Amazing day at Angela's workshop today.  So much value.  I am ready to take action...today was definitely a game changer for me.  I have achieved more since working with Angela than I did in the last two years struggling on my own."

Victoria Maddox

"Angela is such an inspiration! Working with her is the best thing that I ever did for my business.  Before I met her, I felt like I was drowning with my business. Now I am hitting my goals consistently." 

Jamie Hill

"I love the fact that Angela is so authentic. As a single mother, she totally gets the struggles that we as women go through. And she gives us her all to help us achieve our goals - and our financial freedom."

Elsbeth Price

"I took part in one of Angela's challenges and sold four courses with my list of only 60 in just 5 days.  Her coaching works, especially if you want more confidence, clarity and clients!" 

Susan Wilson

"Angela has a great way of knowing when to push, pause or ask questions to help us achieve great outcomes.  She is the best business coach I have worked with because she gets results."

Shonda Williams

"I never knew how much I could achieve until I started working with Angela.  I had a steady stream of new clients with my highest sales of $78k last month - and it'll only get better."

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