Ready to build a business that can run without you?

Entrepreneurs often dream of starting a business that becomes successful and profitable. There are also benefits to owning a business that can eventually be sold.  Let me show you how.


One of my favourite success stories is a business that wanted to sell within five years and sold within two using our Scorecard System and retained monthly services. As a result, they gave their staff of nine $40,000 bonuses for two years. 

Another client was overwhelmed by a multimillion-dollar business stuck in the weeds and wanted to sell.  She used our Scorecard System and retained services. She could extract herself from the day-to-day, which empowered her to step up and become accountable for the growth she wanted, resulting in a multi-million dollar sale to a US company.

Welcome Executives and Business Owners

At The Business Growth Accelerator, we specialise in guiding experienced leaders like you to master business success. Our approach combines robust management systems with advanced leadership development, preparing your business to excel and operate independently.

Our Strategy:

  • Assess: Strategic analysis for clarity on your business landscape.
  • Articulate: Crafting a focused plan to steer your direction.
  • Amplify: Implementing our 7 Execution Habits to actualise your strategy, ensuring results and growth.

At the core of our methodology is the Ascension Leadership Model, underpinning success with the right behaviours and leadership practices. This model, alongside our unique Growth Accelerator Model, forms our proprietary IP ‚Äď designed to elevate your business to new heights.

3 Ways We Can Work Together

Managing and scaling a successful business is an art.  

Let us show you how to master it.

The Management Coaching Package


  • 3 hours of focussed coaching
  • Initial Onboarding Call (1 Hour):¬†We will dive deep into your business's current state and identify key areas for improvement.
  • Interactive Workshopping Session (2 Hours): Collaborate on crafting specific, actionable strategies to transform your business.
  • Walk away with tangible outcomes: ready-to-implement actions so that you can begin seeing real results immediately after our session.
  • Set your business on a course for autonomous operation and free yourself from daily tasks and focus on growth.
  • $1,999 + GST

The Growth Scorecard Package


  • Designed to improve your business's growth by creating laser focus and empowering teams to become accountable to the bottom line.
  • Our¬†3-step framework -¬† assess, articulate, and amplify - will get your business focussed, improve efficiency and results, save you time, excite your team, and hold them accountable to achieving results.¬†
  • Perfect to reset your business for the next 12 months with a Balanced Scorecard that becomes your team's North Star with KPIs that can be cascaded down to their individual personal development plans.
  • $8,999 + GST
  • ¬†
  • $5,999 + GST

Retain me as your Virtual COO


  • Straight-Up Strategy Execution:¬†Let‚Äôs not just talk the talk. We'll ensure¬†your business plans jump off the page and into real life, executing your Scorecard strategy with precision.

  • Hassle-Free Team Leadership:¬†Say goodbye to the daily grind of managing people. We‚Äôll handle the team dynamics, ensuring everyone is on board and moving in the right direction towards your business goals.

  • Empower Growth with Accountability:¬†Watch your team transform as they step up to the plate.¬†Together, we'll foster a culture where everyone feels responsible for driving the business forward, paving the way for real growth and success.


Inspiring Keynotes

I'm Angela Sedran, and I bring a unique perspective to business coaching and strategic advisory, shaped by real-world experiences and genuine resilience.

My journey encompasses more than just professional credentials. Trained by Sam Cawthorn at the Speakers Institute, I am passionate about speaking and facilitating, engaging audiences with insights that stem from both my professional background and personal challenges.

As an international Amazon bestselling author featured in Voices of Influence: The Untold Stories of Remarkable Speakers, I explore themes of influence and resilience that echo throughout my life.

My personal story includes tackling bulimia, depression, and anxiety, addressing workplace bullying, and navigating the complexities of sole parenting a son with hearing challenges. My experiences have fortified my commitment to advocacy and justice, even leading me to track down a financial predator across the globe.

When I speak on scaling businesses, leadership, motivation, resilience, women in leadership, and mental health, I aim to connect deeply, resonating with the real issues that leaders face and sparking transformation.

My keynotes are designed to be engaging and meaningful, drawing from the lessons I've learned through both struggles and successes. My approach is warm, engaging, and focused on delivering value, ensuring that every listener finds something relatable and actionable.

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