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My team and I transform are skilled at transforming businesses like yours into a self-sustaining asset. With over 6 years of pioneering success, we specialise in helping leaders scale their operations to function independently, distinguishing us as innovators in business consulting, mentoring and coaching.

Our expert team tailors strategies to your needs, focusing on making you operationally redundant and freeing you from daily tasks.  Choose us to empower your journey towards a business that not only grows but operates with excellence independently. Join us in setting new industry standards and elevating your business’s potential.

Angela Sedran  |  BCom (Hons), MBA, MICF, MAICD

Growing up in the twilight of apartheid South Africa, I was the only child in a house filled with love, and a bit of chaos, thanks to my Oma, nonna, and our 10 rescue dogs.

My dad, ever the perfectionist, had me on my first diet at 9, marking the start of a long battle with self-esteem and bulimia.

Despite this, I was the peacekeeper and tutor among my friends, unknowingly laying the groundwork for my future as a master facilitator and mentor.

Dreams of becoming an architect or vet took a backseat to practicality, leading me down the path of accounting on dad's advice.

Life threw its curveballs, including becoming a young widow and single mom, pushing my dreams further away.

The frightening violence escalating around us spurred a move to Australia, a safe haven for my son and I.

With grit and determination, I pursued an MBA, balancing motherhood and studies, especially when faced with my son's hearing challenges.

My career took me from negotiating a JV with India's largest property developer to being a strategy director for one of the world's largest legal publishing firms. Unfortunately, the GFC pulled the rug from under my feet with a retrenchment.

I moved into consulting, helping businesses like BHP, Tip Top and Lion implement management system that engaged their people and delivered results.

In late 2015, scammers maxed out my credit cards to the tune of $100k. The FBI, the Met and the Australian Police all told me to give up. So I took matters into my own, and tracked that Israeli scammer down online - all by myself.

I got all my money back (including interest) and secured a retrenchment. Never happier, I decided to work for the best boss in the world – me!

That fight reignited my passion for helping others to achieve financial freedom. I went into business fortified by caring deeply about helping business owners to achieve financial independence.

Today, I empower small and medium-sized business owners to scale for "sale" and make themselves redundant with my proven Scorecard System and powerful business network. This system gives business leaders the systems and leadership skills to scale with the support of their teams. Getting people on board for your BIG goals can be hard, and I act as your wingwoman during this process.  

Think of me as the trusted engineer in the ear of a Formula 1 driver but for your business. I’m here to guide you through every twist and turn, offering strategy and support, so you stay ahead of the curve.

My journey has been about overcoming, adapting, and thriving, not just for me but for those I aim to lift up along the way.

I stand for kindness, freedom, and respect, and I'm here to change the game, one leader at a time.  

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Adjunct Professor Babette Bensoussan |  MBA, PICF, GAICD

An Adjunct Professor at the UTS School of Business, Babette brings a wealth of expertise and experience in her associate capacity.

Babette's career spans roles as an entrepreneur, consultant, academic, author, and business coach, with a particular focus on Competitive Intelligence (CI) and Strategy.

She's significantly contributed to leadership development, having served as the Program Director for the Women in Leadership Executive Program at MGSM. Her leadership extends to corporate governance, being a director on multiple boards.

Babette's commitment to coaching excellence is underscored by her accreditation with the ICF, AICD, and Women on Boards.

Her academic qualifications include a Bachelor of Business and MBA. She's MBTI accredited, a qualified Counsellor, and an Accredited and Professional Certified Coach.

Babette is the first Australian woman to be honoured with a prestigious award in Competitive Intelligence and she has won the 2006 Alumni Award from the MGSM for her international contributions.

Having co-authored five critically acclaimed books, her works are globally recognised as the leading titles in their field.  She also holds various teaching positions at leading Australian business schools and universities.

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