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What’s better than a group of devoted fans, ready to learn more from you and ready to buy whatever you’re putting down? Not much!

That’s the dream isn’t it?  To have a group of people who are connected to you, loyal, and ready and eager to purchase whatever it is you’re selling.

You know that in order to make the biggest impact, and make the most money, your clients need to develop that know, like and trust factor with their audience.

And one of the best ways to do that is by building an email list.

So, if your list needs a turboboost on a budget, you're going to love this guide! 


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Download this guide now and get the details on how to kickstart or turboboost your list, including:

  • The #1 Thing You Need to Attract New Subscribers 

  • Creating a Landing Page So Enticing that People Are Excited to Give You Their Email 

  • Transforming Your Website into a Subscriber-Generating Machine with a Few Simple Tweaks

  • Using Free Webinars to Explode Your List - and Your Know, Like, Trust Factor

  • Simple-Yet-Effective Tips to Nab Tons of New Subscribers from Facebook - Fast

  • Offering Your Irresistible Opt-in on Instagram and Watch Your Subscriber Numbers Soar  

  • Getting in Front of Fresh Audiences (and New Ideal Clients) with Just-Right JVs and Partnerships

  • Reaching Thousands of Potential Subscribers (Literally) Overnight


Hi! I'm Angela Sedran... 

A million dollar business strategist, marketing maven and kickass coach on a mission to help ambitious, visionary women to step into their power, harness their passion and build business empires they love. 

As a single mom, I know the challenges women face financially - and the pressure to earn the income to care for your kids without sacrificing our souls, wellbeing and sanity.  

You’re here for more than being stuck in the corporate grind and work your butt of to just get by. You’re here to change the world, build your empire, and share your message like never before. I get that.

You want to make money—preferably on  a yacht or in your dream home —in the smartest and most fulfilling way possible.  I see you.

I’m here to help your business grow quickly with the systems, strategy, and deep support needed to scale with significance, soul, and sanity.

My vision is to help one million women globally to achieve financial freedom by 2030 - because every woman deserves to live a life she loves on her terms.


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