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How to Create a Coaching Program that Sells

The Secret to a Course that Sells Like Hotcakes!

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When you set out to create a course on a subject that both you and your potential students care about, you’ll most likely find such courses are already out there.

So how the heck do you know if it’s going to be worth your while to throw your version into the ring?

And how will you know it’s worth investing your time in creating?

But how to do this!?!

The three categories of courses that are very much in demand right now are:

  • Health
  • Wealth and
  • Relationships

So, if you are thinking of something roughly in one of these areas, you’re off to a good start.

The key to unlocking the next step is research!  I've been working with companies for over 20 years with revenues in the billions down to the low millions, and I can tell you that no matter what the company, every successful one does the research when it comes to deciding on a strategy.

Choosing a winning course topic is a strategic decision - and one that needs to be carefully taken or you will waste much time and money, and end up with much heartache.

You need to choose a product, in this case a transformation wrapped up in a course, that

... the market really wants...

... and has the money to buy

... and has a unique, desirable selling point.

These three things make are a coaching program's SUCCESS TRIFECTA - and you need all three.

The first two are pretty obvious – no denero, no desire, no deal.

A unique selling point, now that is a little trickier, but you have a secret weapon that none of your competitors have…. YOU!

Let’s look at a course on weight loss for example.  Let’s be even more specific and zoom in on Weight Loss through Keto.

There are plenty of coaches out there claiming to be Keto experts.  A simple search on Insta will reveal hundreds, if not thousands, of coaches who do this… 

But not one is quite like you… has your personality, your way of coaching, your sense of humour, your ability to motivate, your care for your customers, your ability to lead…

Most of the time, your clients will be buying YOU, not the information you sell as part of your coaching. 

These days you can probably find every bit of information known to man on a subject right on your phone.  People don’t want more information. 

They want someone who they feel truly gets them and motivates them to synthesise it and guide them through it in a way that gets them a transformation!

"People don't buy goods and services.  They buy relationships, stories, and magic."  Seth Godin

Catch my next blogs gorgeous woman where I’ll talk about how to research your market and competitors so that you know how to package, position and price your course so that it SELLS!.

Lots of love and abundance

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