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It’s not WHO YOU ARE that’s holding you back. It’s who you think YOU'RE NOT

Put the Dagger Down, B*@ch!

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It’s not WHO YOU ARE that’s holding you back.
It’s who you think YOU'RE NOT.
Read that again...
Do you ever catch yourself thinking ,“I’m just not...⠀
... good at public speaking."
...any good making sales person."
...skilled enough to start a business." enough." 😔⠀
...interesting enough for anyone to want to hear what I have to say." etc. etc. etc.
So let's stop for a minute , put the thought to one side and ask ourselves what's going on here.
Who's actually telling you that you’re not all these things? ⠀
👉🏼 YOU 👈🏼⠀
And what solid evidence is this opinion based on? No opinion. SOLID evidence.
Have you ever actually stopped ✋🏼 to consider that WHAT YOU TELL YOURSELF is the ONLY THING HOLDING YOU BACK from chasing your dreams!
The good news is that it's a very fixable problem but you will need to actively learn to get out of your own damn way.
It takes effort and hard work but this is a habit that can be changed.
As T. Harv Ecker says, "to change the fruit, you have to change the roots!"
The roots are the way you think and what you tell yourself.
To change your thinking, when an "I am not..." thought pops into your head, STOP!
Acknowledge that it's a baseless negative, tell yourself to "put the knife down bitch", and say out loud...
“I am...
... able to learn how to speak in public."
...more than capable of learning how to sell." enough to find a mentor to teach me how to build a business." 😔⠀
...unique and my tribe is out there waiting for me."⠀
It might feel uncomfortable at first and it may not be something you actually believe when you’re saying it but...
Trust me on this one, you’ll be so freakin confident after a while of repeating your “I am” statements that you’ll 💯% believe it!! 👊🏼
What's one of your "put the dagger down bitch 🔪" statements and how are you going to rephrase it?
Love and abundance

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