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How Cookies Can Help You Skyrocket your Sales

How Cookies Can Help You Skyrocket your Sales


Something drummed into me both at business school and in my career as a coach and consultant was learning the art of asking beautiful questions. 

Asking the right questions and REALLY listening to the answers is one of the most powerful tools you can use to bring about amazing success when it comes to sales.

Seth Godin explains it well with the example of how the Girl Scouts sell cookies….

Instead of going through a rehearsed sales spiel that involves introducing themselves, talking about the work of the Girl Scouts and then explaining where the money raised from cookie sales go (boring!), instead they ask one simple question …

”What’s your favourite kind of Girl Scout cookie?’

With that one simple question, the power in the transaction shifts. 

With that one question, that little Girl Scout goes from being a supplicant asking people to buy her cookies to a valued supplier, because that one little question evokes all sorts of wonderful emotions. 

A question that avoids a ‘no’, a question that starts a conversation, a question that opens the door to emotion… these are the questions that create value and lead to sales.

So do these three things to be more successful in making your sales:

  • Stop doing sales presentations and start having sales CONVERSATIONS.
  • Spend less time talking and spend more time LISTENING to your prospects. Then give them what THEY want.
  • Ask questions and offer value statements that evoke emotion in your prospects because BUYING IS ALWAYS DONE ON AN EMOTIONAL, rather than a logical, basis. It’s the way our brains are wired.

Perhaps it time to review how you are making sales and what you can do to ask more questions!

Hope this helps

PS  I’ve sadly never had a Girl Scout cookie, but I’ve very fond memories of cookies I grew up with called Iced Zoos.They were simple biscuits with a thick layer of coloured icing on them decorated with an African animal.  They smelled divine!  We’d spend ages licking the icing off the individual biscuits before we gobbled them up. Just thinking about them evokes all sorts of warm memories…. What I wouldn’t give for a bag of cookies right now!

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