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3 Things You Can Implement Right Now to Get Clients from Your Group

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I was asked the question this week, “How do I grow my list and get clients from my Facebook group”?

So, let’s talk about how to do this if you have a public Facebook or Linkedin group.

Here are 3 things that I recommend you implement as standard, beyond posting as often as possible to increase your visibility, to get more clients from your group.

  1. Craft the questions you ask when they request to join that include a way to get their email address.

They may or may not give it to you yet, and that’s ok because some will.

Remember to offer something in return for the email and ask a YES question, eg Would you like a free copy of my free Name & Choose the Topic for Your Million Dollar Course – in a weekend – Planner?  If so, what's your email address? 

Make sure it’s something specific and tangible like a lead magnet as they are more likely to say yes to this rather than a general newsletter.

It’s also worth asking them something about their business at this point to give you some data on how you can help them moving forward, e.g.  What kind of clients do you coach, or If I could wave a magic wand and make your biggest issue go away right now, what would that issue be?

There’s no harm in even asking if they would like to work with you, eg Would you like to work with me to grow and scale your coaching business?  If the response is yes, message them and start a conversation.


  1. Include a call to action in EVERY post

This can include something as simple as “don’t forget to like this post” or “comment below and let me know” to inviting them to download a lead magnet.


  1. Invite people to be part of a case study

This was a fab idea that I got from Taki Moore. 

On a specific day every month, create a post inviting people for a limited time to take part in a case study group designed to do something that helps your ICA, eg I’m starting a new case study group designed to add $10,000 a month: If you'd to know how to take part, comment CASE STUDY below.

Do this once a month and run it for a week, and only a week, to create scarcity and desire for it.

If you have any questions, just let me know. If this is useful for you and you’d like some help with this stuff, drop my team an email at [email protected] and perhaps we can help you put together a strategy to fill your groups and your coaching programs too.

Wishing you much success


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