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Angela Sedran Women's Empowerment & Wealth Coach

What You Want is Looking for You

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I am the type of woman who believes in making her own luck.  That my destiny lies in my own hands.

Abundance is mine for the taking!  And I am taking it!

What you ask for comes.

What you are looking for, is looking for you, as Rumi says.

Your mind, body, emotions and life energy all need to be directed in the direction of where you want to go.

The moment your mind says, “not possible”, you’re saying you don’t want it. 

Negative thoughts destroy everything.

What you think will determine what happens – or not.

The only thing you need to do is strive for what you want.

Whether it will happen or not is nature’s business.

If you use your past experiences to determine if something is going to happen, it will not happen.

A child learning to walk who keeps falling over, does not tell herself that she keeps fallen and hasn’t learned to walk so will never walk.

Use your past simply to learn.

Be crystal clear on what you want.

Our bodies want wellness and pleasure….

Our minds want peace and joy…

Our relationships want love and compassion…

Our energy wants a state of blissfulness and ecstasy. 

Ask yourself … how to I create myself into a beautiful divine woman who has all of this and radiates peace, love and joy into the world?

Be committed… remember that if you fall 100 times, it is simply 100 lessons that you have learned.

Start with one area of your life, and you’ll find that once that is in harmony, the next falls into place…and the next… and the next.

And you become the creator of your luscious, divine life.

You've got this girl!

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