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THE SELF SABOTAGE CURE:  Break Free from the Nightmare to Rock your World Like an Unstoppable Queen

THE SELF SABOTAGE CURE: Break Free from the Nightmare to Rock your World Like an Unstoppable Queen

female entrepreneurship leadership mindset & confidence marketing & automation sales self-care for female entrepreneurs

I used to avoid posting photos and videos of myself like the plague…

Know why?

Because I hated the way I looked.

I told myself I was hideous (literally) and old.

Plus, I worried that people would think that I was full of my own self importance.

Yup. That's how I felt...embarrassed...self conscious...small...unworthy.

I was worried that people were going to judge me… 

What will they think?!? (WWTT?!?)

Would they zero in on my lines or my crooked nose.. or my hair...

Or would they think, "who does this woman think she is posting all these photos and videos of herself?  She is so full of herself!"

I was afraid of ridicule...afraid of embarrassment...and perhaps, if I am honest, afraid of failure.


Ridiculous, right?

WWTT? It's the disease that is guaranteed to keep success away from our doorstep, especially as women.

Should I publish this blog post? Hmm, perhaps it's interesting enough. WWTT…

Should I connect with someone I know can use my help? No, they’ll dislike me and think I’m pushy…WWTT…WWTT?!?

Should I approach that podcaster? No, I can’t. I’m not famous enough. WWTT…

Should I go live? No, I look awful. I need my hair done. WWTT…

This lack of confidence and fear of judgement is what keeps us small and invisible.

Do you know what the number one thing was that helped me get to half a million in my business?

Letting go of what people think about me.

And believe me, having had bulimia for 25 years meant that this was harder than trying to climb Mt Everest without training and in nothing but my underwear – with asthma!

I’m in my 40s. I have an accent. I’m not wildly amusing. I talk too fast, especially when I love what I am talking about. I am not skinny. I make crazy faces on video… the list goes on.

Before thoughts like these – the ones about what “I’m not” - crippled me.

No more!


My goal is to hit $2 million in 2021.

So I am committed to show up with my truth. Sharing my soul with the strangers on the Internet - REALLY showing up.

Because unless you’re ready to show up as the REAL YOU online, you’ll remain stuck forever.

Today I declare that…

I am committed to showing up like never before…

So that my tribe will find me and follow me…

The ones who don’t are not my tribe…

Which is wonderful because we’re not a good fit anyway.

And there might be trolls or naysayers.

I have to accept that and learn to ignore them.

It simply means that I am having an impact. (which is great, right?)

So, let me ask you…

What are the things that are keeping you small?

Which area in your business are you most afraid of judgement?

Are you speaking your truth? Are you showing up fully?

I was called to share this. Hope this was useful to you. Have a wonderful week!

Lots of love and abundance

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