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Why Smart Business Achieve More Sales with Email Lists

Why Smart Business Achieve More Sales with Email Lists

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Many newbie bloggers and business owners fall into the trap of thinking that they can rely purely on social media to market their business, and don’t need to build an email list or they think it’s too difficult to build one.

If this is you, alarm bells need to be going off!  If you take one thing away from reading this today, let it bet this, your social media contacts DO NOT belong to you

I’ve seen people lose access to their Facebook groups or pages without warning because a bot decided that they’d committed some unforgivable Facebook infringement. 

Trust me when I say that it’s virtually impossible to get a human at Facebook to review these decisions, let alone overturn them, because I have been there.  Imagine spending years growing a group or page following and losing it overnight?  It doesn’t happen every day, but it does happen.

Aside from that, when you post on social, there’s no guarantee that your followers will even see you post because who knows where it will end up in their scroll?

With a list, on the other hand, you control when a personal message about your latest blog or new product lands in your prospects’ inbox, something that they check several times a day – and no one can take your database away from you.  

Plus, according to the Direct Marketing Association, email marketing sees an average return of 4300% return on investment (ROI) for businesses.

Email subscribers joined your email list because they’re extremely interested in what you have to offer. This is why they’re more likely to convert into paying customers.  A strong list literally increases the value of your business!

Smart businesses understand that email marketing is the best long-term investment with a much higher return than social media because people will continue to get their message at a very low cost for a longer period of time.

To be clear, I’m not saying you don’t need Social Media, you do, your list is the engine of your sales room!

Hope this has been helpful.

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