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Here you'll find some of the very best tools to manage and scale your business

The 7 Execution Disciplines

Empowering Your Business to Operate, Excel, and Evolve Independently 


Unleash the Power of Precision Execution with Our 7 Execution Disciplines – the ultimate playbook for leaders aiming to turn their strategy into unstoppable momentum! Think of it as equipping your business with the agility and focus of a ninja, ensuring every move counts towards your grand vision.

This isn't just a framework; it's a transformation. Embed these 7 habits, each with its own set of dynamic 'sub-habits', into the very core of your business. Watch as your team becomes a well-oiled machine, adept at delivering consistent, top-notch results.

This system liberates you from the grind of daily issues, catapulting you to where you truly belong: steering the ship towards scaling new heights. It's about building a business that not only functions without your constant input but thrives on it.

Crafted for visionary leaders poised to break the 8-figure barrier and beyond, our 7 Execution Disciplines are your key to unlocking a future where your business doesn't just grow, it dominates. Get ready to witness a radical shift – from everyday operations to extraordinary outcomes. Your journey to strategic mastery and a formidable competitive edge starts here.

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Your Business Edge Scorecard

Unlock your Competitive Advantage and Stand Out in a Saturated Market


Need to unify your team's vision and boost performance, but not sure where to start? Our Business Edge Scorecard isn't just another 'business health' quiz. It's a laser-focused assessment designed to evaluate your business's aptitude in leadership, strategy, and execution.

This Scorecard will decode the critical aspects of your business - clarity, focus and results - that combine to give you a unique competitive edge. Walk away with an actionable roadmap to align your team, refine your strategy, and achieve results that matter. Best of all, for every assessment completed, we're sponsoring a day of education for a girl in Cambodia. Why? Because we believe every action should spark positive change.

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Discover Your Leadership Superpowers

Discover Your Inner Goddess in Leadership with Our Exclusive Quiz!


Are you a Hera, leading with inspiring charisma, or an Artemis, trailblazing with bold confidence? Perhaps you're an Aphrodite, mastering the art of team harmony, or an Athena, wielding strategic prowess?

Discover which goddess archetype reflects your unique leadership style with our Goddess Quiz. Not only will it reveal your strengths, but it will also help you identify your blind spots, areas in your leadership that might be holding you back.

Receive tailored advice with actionable steps to enhance your capabilities, and learn how to leverage your unique strengths to foster business innovation and team dynamics.

Complete the quiz and receive your personalized leadership profile instantly. Embrace this journey of self-discovery and growth, and step into your power today!

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The Ascension Leadership Scorecard

A Self-Assessment Tool for Modern Leaders


Ready to turbocharge your leadership skills in just 5 minutes with your own personalise report? Dive into our dynamic tool that's all about transforming the way you lead. We zero in on the 4 essential pillars of leadership: Crafting Vision, Navigating Change, Empowering Yourself & Others, and Pursuing Excellence. But that's not all – we add a twist with the 7 C's, the secret ingredients to truly outstanding leadership.

In just a few minutes, you'll unearth personalised insights and get a bespoke action plan tailored just for you. These aren't just insights; they're your new superpowers. Imagine fostering a culture that breathes excellence, skyrocketing employee engagement, and watching your revenue soar!

Take the leap today. Step into a new realm of leadership and watch as your business reaches heights you never thought possible. Your leadership evolution starts now.

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The Calendar Management for High Performers Cheatsheet


Optimising your time is crucial for achieving extraordinary success. Dedicating substantial  time to high-value tasks, like strategic thinking and critical decision-making, can significantly boost your productivity.

Our cheatsheet empowers you to master the art of time allocation, enabling you to unlock your full potential. By adopting effective time-batching techniques, you'll witness exponential improvements in your productivity and overall success. Don't let poor time management hinder your success. Take the first step towards enhanced efficiency and download our cheatsheet today. Your path to peak performance awaits.

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The Client Referrals that Keep Your Calendar Full Workbook


If you want to grow your business, referrals need to be part of your marketing strategy.

They cost nothing, they can lead to more referrals, your clients are better at marketing than you and people always know someone who can benefit from your services.

Referrals are easier to generate than you may think. The hardest part is getting up the courage to ask.

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Our Books

Becoming a Badass Bookedout Boss Babe

The Fearless Women's Guide to Starting a Business

The story of how a sole parent took back her purse strings from the corporate hamster wheel and ascended the throne of her own empire, and how you can too.

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Voices of Influence

The Untold Stories of Remarkable Speakers

12 dynamic female keynote speakers share transformative tales of courage and reinvention. This anthology is a symphony of empowerment woven who transcended boundaries to share narratives resonating with the human experience. 

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Analysis Without Paralysis

12 Tools to Make Better Decisions

Learn how to will supercharge your decision-making without drowning in math or theory. From strategy to operations, we've got you covered with tools and examples. Get it now and join the ranks of savvy managers making better decisions through analysis.

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Analysis for Managers

Effective planning tools & techniques

The handbook of methodologies that turbocharge how you evaluate business data and information and become more business focussed. Learn how to make better strategic decisions about the future direction of your business easily and quickly.

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The Confident Woman

Tapping into your inner power

A powerful must-read for women who seek higher self-confidence, increased self-esteem, personal empowerment and self-leadership with advice from some of the world's best international coaches, consultants and experts.

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The Coaching Gurus

Edited by Linda Ellis Eastman

Written by top international coaches, it covers a wide range of expertise from life and career to empowerment and self-esteem for women.  A must-read for every woman's personal library.

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Mind Shifting Snippets

For creative thought

A compilation of Babette Bensoussan's best tips and inspirations gathered from over 21 years in business consulting. This entertaining little book is one all business executives will want to keep for close reference, inspiration and to stretch their thinking!

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