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Are you a 7-figure woman stuck in a 5- or 6- figure grind?

Or perhaps you're over working your butt off to make someone else wealthy?


It’s time to say goodbye to scarcity, overwhelm and stress as you build your global following, launch your course, book clients like a boss and get paid what you are truly worth! 

Successful online marketing is an art.  Let me show you how to master it to give you the impact, freedom and abundance you deserve.

Welcome to the most powerful wealth creation, coaching and support system that takes you from the overwhelmed owner to the skilled, confident CEO of your business.

Apply now and let’s create YOUR NEXT HIGH TICKET OFFER, COURSE OR MASTERMIND and attract SOULMATE CLIENTS - fast!  Let's begin!


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Check out my Client's Epic Business and Personal Growth

Denise Elliston

Angela Sedran, where have you been all my life???

Can I just say how amazing you are, the way you motivate and inspire me is inspirational. 

I could never have gotten out of my comfort zone and created and sold the amazing course that I did without you! 

6 months in and I have almost hit the $150k mark!

Sangeetha Kandan

I love Angela’s way of teaching!

My goal was to move away from 1-on-1 and focus on group programs and courses.

I wanted to be able to run a business that is worth my while, a business I can grow and scale.

Angela gave me so much clarity on how to build my first course and showed me what was possible.

Brittnee Williams

I have a Masters degree but have learned more about running my business and making bank from Angela than any university ever taught me. 

She has given me a confidence and clarity that no other coach that I have ever worked with has - and believe me, I’ve tried a few. 

Anyone can teach you a few principles, but Angela transforms you and your business.

Paulina Johnrose

Angela has motivated and inspired me so much!  Building a course isn’t easy, particularly because we so often get in our own way.  She gave me the support that I needed to believe in myself and push myself, my brand and my program forward.

Developing my Signature System IP together allowed me to see my program in a way I had never thought of before and has somehow made my program and systems all that much more real to me and so easy to explain to my clients. I cannot recommend Angela enough!

Vanessa Buchanon

Thank you so much for changing my life and my business. 

Before I was coaching 1:1 and not really been properly paid for it. 

didn’t have the guts to raise my prices because I thought no one would pay me more. 

Thanks to you, I’ve shifted my nutrition business to two group programs and get paid more than I ever thought possible.  I finally feel like a real business woman.

Andrea Langham

I'm so pleased to be working with Angela as my business coach.  Not only is she getting me out of my comfort zone and stepping up into my entreprenerialshipness, she's keeping me accountable, and the things I thought I wasn't good at and she is helping to smash through my barriers.

I've achieved more since working with her in a month than in the past 2 years on my own trying to figure it all out.

If you're still trying to figure it all out on your own, contact her. I cannot thank her enough for her business mentoring.

  • Is a masterful teacher who knows how to powerfully teach her clients, so they can learn and apply their knowledge on a deep level.
  • Has coached and advised 100s of senior level execs, including CEOs, across 5 continents, helping them shift their limiting beliefs and achieve positive, lasting behavioural change.  She can help you do the same and guide you to blossoming into an effective, succesful businesswoman and CEO.
  • Has helped some of the world’s biggest companies, year-on-year, to build and successfully implement their business strategies - and can teach you the business skills to do the same for your business.
  • Understands that it takes hard and soft skills to build and scale a successful business - which means you have to grow along with your business.
  • Has a proven signature business system that you can implement into your business right away allowing you to supercharge your ability to draw in more clients and cash, and spend less time managing your business.
  • Built and sold a 7 figure online women’s sensuality business and a casino hospitality business.  She’s a serial entrepreneur, and can teach you how to be one too.
  • Overcame 25 years of bulimia that kept her small, insecure and stuck - leading her to becoming a qualified executive coach, specialising in psychology of building confidence and resilience.  
  • Has a Masters of Business Administration in strategy and marketing, and an undergrad in accounting, making her super qualified to teach you how to build, scale and market your business.
  • Understands the unique challenges a woman faces every day in life and business. She struggled for years as a single widowed mother with the pressure of having to pay the bills, find enough time for her child, help him overcome his deafness… and stay sane!  This is why she is so committed to helping women achieve financial freedom without having to work 60-hour weeks.

I’m Angela Sedran, an ex-corporate business strategist, marketing maven, kickass management consultant and executive coach on a mission to help visionary women to build, market and scale their online businesses. 

I help ambitious, savvy women to step into their divine feminine power, harness their purpose and build digital business empires that bring them financial liberation and a life they love.

I am thoroughly committed to helping women, having grown up in Africa and seen what women there go through, as well as my own experience as a single mother.  1 in 3 women over the age of 45 in the western world (imagine how bad it is elsewhere!), live below the poverty line.

I'm on a mission to help change that.  My goal is to help one million women achieve financial freedom by 2030 through my coaching, speaking and writing - and any other way I can think of!

Unlike what so many coaches tell you, it isn’t easy building a thriving coaching business.  It doesn’t happen overnight either.

It’s also not just about having the right tools and systems.  You have to be the best possible version of you too. 

But with the right coaching supporting you - and hard work - you can build your legacy!

Book a call with me now to see if we are a coaching match made in heaven!