Using Strategy Management to Deliver Results

When a new CIO, Bob, was appointed at a long-standing client, he stepped into a team that was not particularly connected or focussed on the actions needed to support the business’s strategy. They operated more on a day-to-day, “firefighting” basis, with too many priorities – that were also misaligned.

We came in to help Bob manage his strategy by:

Build his people’s engagement and commitment to one aligned vision, and strengthen their achievement culture
Improve his team’s leadership skills, including the ability to collectively make smarter choices, and have more courageous, strategic conversations
Clarify and translate the Function’s strategy into focussed goals – aligned to the company’s overall goals
Creating a scorecard, and action plan built around a regular Review & Course Correction Process, and the communication of changes and celebration of successes

We were able to help Bob’s Leadership Team develop a holistic understanding of their Function’s strategic opportunities and challenges. Using this, we guided them through the process to build their plan on a page, a Balanced Business Plan (BBP), that reflected their 10 strategic goals for the year across their marketplace, workplace and people. The BBP was then used as a tool to help the broader team understand how they could personally contribute to IT’s overall success – and communicate progress over the year .

The result was a more cohesive, focussed and aligned leadership team – committed and better able to work together on strategic issues (with an understanding of how this differed from the work required to deliver business as usual.) We concluded the assignment having built a powerful foundation for Bob’s entire team to achieve their strategy through focus and a strong sense of excitement, purpose and momentum.

Angela Sedran

I coach entrepreneurs on how run their business like a world-class CEO, with less stress & drama, and more time to live!

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