The Business Growth Accelerator™ Bootcamp

A 6-week program for ambitious entrepreneurs and executives to trubocharge their business with essential leadership and management skills and techniques.  THis course is going to give you the confidence and clarity to make overwhelm a thing of the past.  Build a more productive and more profitable businesses and optimal work-life balance. Imagine accelerating your business with sacrificing your life!

It all started with a big idea.

You've put in the determination, commitment and hard work to get your business this far.
You really love what you and are really, really good at it.  You want to build a great business that supports your lifestyle... one that does not come at the cost of the things that matter to you most.

How do you scale your business without sacrificing your life?

  • Does it feel like your business is taking over your life?
  • What happened to the dream of having control of your time and working when  and where you want?
  • Are the day-to-day operations of your business driving you further and further away from the projects you really want to work one: your zone of genius?
  • Does running your business something leave you feeling frustrated and overwhelmed?
  • Does it feel like you've hit an income ceiling in your business, and no matter what you do are stuck there?
  • What happens if you can't go to work tomorrow? Can the business run without you?
  • Is your business a valuable asset that can be sold if need be or that you can take a break from either by choice or, god forbid, ill health?
  • Do you have the clarity and confidence what to do next to grow your business?

Growing a business that supports your dreams and lifestyle doesn't have to be hard

Join The New Bread of Female Leaders

If there’s anything I’ve learned in the last 25 years of coaching thousands of businesses of all sizes, it’s that no matter how unique a business owner’s frustrations seem to be, in truth, they’re not unique at all.

Business is business is business. Think about it - because it’s the key to setting yourself free from all the frustrations you deal with every day.  The ones that never seem to go away, no matter what you do differently!

What if there was a systematic, disciplined approach to growing your business that’s been tested to produce outstanding results in virtually every conceivable industry.  No matter what the product or service.  No matter what type frustrations consume the owner every day are?

That’s not to say that it isn’t hard work.  There will always be people who fail regardless.  But if you put in the work, it will be the most rewarding, freeing process an owner can commit to beause it works!

We’ve PROVEN that when the owner works the system, the system transforms the business to become a profitable, sustainable asset. It’s that simple.

Learn how to manage your business differently - to think strategically like a true entrepreneur.

It’s a method you would not have been taught before, but one that will change everything.  It will make your business easier to run, because it will give you crystal clarity on what to focus on - and what to say not to.

The focus and discipline to get the right things done, at the right time, by the right people.  And turn your vision into reality.

The Business Growth Accelerator™  Bootcamp is is going to teach you our 90 Day Business Sprint system that will deliver all of thisI am not an expert in your industry - I never have been as a process consultant because I don't need to be.  I am, however, a recognised expert in the process that I am going to teach you, as well as trusted authority in strategy development and execution. I helps clients produce real results, and that’s what matters.

Who Is The Program For?

If you're looking to take your business to new heights, The Business Growth Accelerator™ Bootcamp will help you to:

  • Understand the environment your business operates in
  • Leverage your strengths
  • Learn how to compensate for your weaknesses
  • Pinpoint areas for improvement
  • Gain a fresh perspective on how to solve the key frustrations in your business.
  • Get a clear picture of your competitors and benchmark yourself against them
  • Define your business vision
  • Clarify your goals
  • Llearn how to use a focussed 90 Day Business Scorecard
  • Understand what you need to track and measure in your business
  • Create an action plan for each goal
  • Focus and better prioritize your time
  • Get more done in less time
  • Create a compelling business culture
  • Increase your sales and profits
  • Charge what you’re worth
  • Create a unique competitive advantage

And you’ll do all of this in a way that’s fully aligned with your integrity and values!

What You Will Get

6 Training Modules Over 6 Weeks

Module #1

Unpacking The Business Accelerator Model ™

Lay the foundations for your business growth.  Introduction to the Leadership Growth Model

Module #2

Gain Clarity On Where Your Business Is Now

Learn how to assess your business and it leadership, and its environment and competitors  - to gain absolute clarity.

Module #3

Build a Compelling Vision of Where You Want To Be

Create a compelling Vision of Success for your business and your life.

From that we will design your 3-5 year ambitions

Module #4

Create Laser Focus on How to Close the Gap of Where You Are Now And Where You Want To Be

Design your 90 Day Scorecard ™ to create maximum focus.  I will show you how to create a small set of laser like goals, with measures and targets, that will become the dashboard for managing your business.

Module #5


Learn the principles of effective execution – rhythm, data and effective execution.

This module will teach you how to use the Scorecard weekly, and introduce you The Seven Execution Disciplines.  We'll show you how to implement them in your business to gain a competitive advantage and execute on your strategy like a pro!

Module #6

Deliver Excellence

We will over off the final 4 of the 7 Execution Disciplines this week, and pulling it all together to deliver excellence every day.

What Sets The Business Growth Accelerator™ Bootcamp Apart?

Lifetime Access: Retake The Program Again And Again For FREE!

The path to mastery in any field is through intentional repetition. Which is why for as long as the program is in existence, you can retake it again and again at no additional charge.

A Holistic, Evergreen Approach To Managing A Business

There’s a reason we’re the gold standard in our industry. Our process and strategies work across an enormous range of businesses and entrepreneurs at virtually every stage of their journey.

Extraordinary Customer Care

Whatever you need, we’re here to help. You’ll always be taken care of with understanding, honesty and respect.

A Dedicated Coach To Guide and Mentor You

In The Business Growth Accelerator™ Bootcamp you won’t be on your own. Angela will answer all your questions, challenge you to stretch yourself further, and inspire you to stay focussed and execute. Because we know that you don’t need more information. You need more action!

A World-Class Community

Our community is made up of ambitious, generous, and extraordinary human beings who can help and support you on your journey.

100% Money Back Guarantee

The Business Growth Accelerator™ Bootcamp is backed with a 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee so you can be assured that your investment is safe with us.

Do the program for 90 Days and if you have implemented everything we taught you and it's made no difference, we don't deserve your money and will give it right back to you!

Meet Your Coach

As a former management consultant, entrepreneur and C-Suite executive for a major multinational company, I’ve been scaling businesses, leading teams, and achieving high-impact financial and organizational results for over 25 years. I know what you’re up against.

My passion is helping female business owners build their business and gain the financial freedom to create their ideal lifestyle and make a difference in the world. I’ve been a single mother for 24 years and understands the challenges a woman faces running a family, raising children and building a career all at the same time. Success for a woman is not about becoming a superwoman, it’s about gaining the right skills, psychology and tools to succeed - and surrounding yourself with the right mentors and peers.

I have the credentials and experience to help you be the best and most productive you can be – in work and in life because I have been there myself. Whilst I’ve enjoyed success in business, I’ve also experienced the highs and the lows – from being on top to the work and ready to slay dragons, to feeling stuck and just not enough.

This is why I’m so passionate about my work – helping women in business grow the network, knowledge, and skills to gain the confidence and financial freedom to build their businesses and create the life they love.

Since 2016 years, I’ve been teaching my proprietary Business Growth Accelerator™ tools and techniques to high-achieving business owners and executives - just like you - with amazing results.  I now do what I love, every day.

I’m not an expert in your industry or in your uniqueness, but I am a trusted authority in strategy development, execution and leadership. I help my clients produce real results, and that’s what matters.

The Talk In Town

I have worked with Angela for many years developing strategies and execution plans for a large mining business. Angela is a creative thinker and has the ability to think beyond traditional engagement methods to move large groups of people in a single direction. Genuinely seeks to understand and design process that suit the client’s business rather than the one size fits all approach, like so many other consultants in the strategy and leadership industry. Has a warm personality and can engage at all levels.


Angela has worked with our organisation for many years to help develop our Business Plans, and I have had the pleasure of working with Ange across many leadership teams. Angela has facilitated and lead our teams to develop the 12 month plan in one day. Angela has a great way of knowing when to push, pause or ask questions to help us achieve great outcomes, while maintaining an innovative and relaxed atmosphere.


Angela is a highly competent strategy expert and facilitator. I have worked with her on many occasions. She has the ability to make a team think long term and to really tease out the challenges that should be the basis of a solid business plan. I would recommend her as a strategy developer for any sector as her method is proven.


Angela has worked with our leadership team in developing and facilitating our business planning process. Angela was engaging in her delivery methods and at the forefront of inventiveness with regards to team building initiatives. Angela’s enthusiasm and ability to adapt quickly to demanding changes in process is both inspirational and motivating. A passion for pursuing excellence and her ability to connect with all levels of the business is what makes Angela so unique


You’ve Got Questions. We’ve Got Answers

Here are the answers to the most asked questions about The Business Growth Accelerator™ Bootcamp. We’re happy to answer any you have!

What if I haven’t even started my business?

The Business Growth Accelerator ™ Bootcamp is not only for those who have an existing business, but also for those just getting started. Everyone who wants to start and run a successful business that will ultimately provide them with financial freedom is welcome to join the program.

What time / days are the live training calls? Can I talk to Angela?

Live Coaching Calls are run weekly on a Thursday morning. You'll get schedules and links to sessions inside the The Business Growth Accelerator ™ Bootcamp Facebook Group (you get access when you join) as well as via email.

If there will be any changes, we’ll let you know ahead of time.

You can ask us questions during the Q&A section of the Live Coaching Call, and you’ll be able to get your answers right away!

What do I do if I have unanswered questions?

If we’ve missed anything, or there’s something you need to know, just ask. Send us a quick email to with the words ‘ONE QUESTION’ in the subject line.

The good news is that you can also ask business-related questions on the The Business Growth Accelerator™ Facebook Group (you get access when you join).

Angela will answer your questions and other members of the program can share their experiences with you.

Will anything be shipped to me?

Everything you need while you’re in the program will be sent to you via email.

How is The Business Growth Accelerator™ Bootcamp different from other courses?

The Business Growth Accelerator™ Bootcamp focuses on how to strategically and efficiently run your business. It focuses on: Assessing your market; Setting your strategy; Leading with vision; and Delivering on your goals.

The program focuses will help you to at least DOUBLING your previous CASH FLOW; DOUBLING / TRIPLING your PROFITABILITY relative to your industry; INCREASING the VALUE of your business; and ensuring that you and your people are ENGAGED and COMMITTED.

How much time does it take to do this course every week?

Training sessions are designed to be delivered in 90 minutes each. As any successful business owner knows, these 90 minutes invested in planning the success of your business is the absolute minimum.

Can I get access to the program all at once?

The program is best run sequentially and is live so you cannot access it all at once.

What if I don’t make it to the live sessions?

Everything is recorded, so you don’t have to worry about missing out.

How much does it cost?

Normally valued at $3,999, we are offering this amazing program for only $1,999! (all prices are in USD)

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The Business Growth Accelerator™ Bootcamp

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