Are you emotionally connected?

I hear many businesses use the terms “mission”, “purpose” and “vision” with great flourish and sincerity. The problem is that all too often, when you scratch below the surface, their actual statements tend to be trite platitudes that have little emotional connection for both customers and employees. All too often, they also tend to be inward looking, rather than how they solve problems or make things better. If I had a dollar for every time I came across the words “To be the world’s leading (fill in product or service… And that is a problem, because unless you can create a strong emotional connection for your brand, it will never become a major success.

Knowing your purpose, why you’re creating something for customers and how it helps them, along with a strong brand — including values, brand personality and consistent message — will provide you with a solid foundation on which to build your business. A unique purpose that builds an emotional connection with customers and employees will also give you a unique selling proposition, and thus competitive advantage, that your competitors will find hard to replicate.

Where does your purpose sit in relation to providing an emotional connection, and is it really the best it could be?

Angela Sedran

I coach entrepreneurs on how run their business like a world-class CEO, with less stress & drama, and more time to live!

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