6 Tips to Make a Strategic Shake Up Not Feel Like a Shake Down

A core part of strategic planning and implementation involves ensuring your people are engaged and committed to the goals that will deliver your strategic ambitions. Often this involves bringing some sort of change to the organisation. Based on best practice, coupled with years of experience, here are 6 tips on how to manage change in the context of strategic implementation.

Ensure you have a clear vision: Consistently communicate a clear picture of where the organisation is now, what your vision of success is, and what needs to be done to close the gap. Use multiple communication channels to reinforce your message.

Be a master storyteller: The most effective leaders are master storytellers able to rouse the human heart. Share your strategic story consistently and often, and connect the dots for people between your strategic priorities. Always check to ensure that your message has been understood correctly.

Leverage what is already working: Celebrate and reward activities that reinforce the behaviours of your ideal organisational culture, e.g. cross-functional collaboration.

Demystify the strategy: Knowing there is a strategy but not what success looks like or how it will be achieved can create fear, uncertainty and doubt with people. Break it into bite-sized chunks when communicating what needs to be done.

Influence the right people at the right time: Different people accept change at a different pace. Identify your influencers and early adopters first. Enlist their commitment to being a catalyst for positive cultural change, through 1:1 calls to action.

Personalise it: The most popular radio station in the world is still WII FM – “What’s In It For Me?” Make sure you personalise the impact of a cultural shift in your communications, and tell people how it will benefit them. Effectively implementing your strategy, does not involve you taking people on the journey – it involves you convincing them to come with you. Ensuring your communication has the three C’s – clarity, consistency and creativity – and the support of the right people at the right time – is a core part of your leadership toolkit to achieve this.

“Good business leaders create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision, and relentlessly drive it to completion.” Jack Welch

Angela Sedran

I coach entrepreneurs on how run their business like a world-class CEO, with less stress & drama, and more time to live!

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